Mastering the Answer Short Question: A Detailed Guide and Tips

Written By Peter's PTE
Written By Peter's PTE

PTE Academic is a widely recognized English language proficiency test taken by students and professionals globally. Among its various question types, the ‘PTE Answer Short Question’ section is known for its demand for quick thinking and strong language skills. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate you through the ‘Answer Short Question’ task, offering valuable tips and strategies to enhance your performance and boost your confidence. Let’s delve into it!

Answer Short Question Format

The PTE Answer Short Question section is an integral part of the Speaking module in the PTE Academic test. It is designed to evaluate a candidate’s ability to understand and respond to short, straightforward questions with brief answers.

  • 10-12 questions in this section.
  • Each question allows 9 seconds to respond.
  • Provide concise answers within 10 seconds.
  • Questions cover diverse topics and everyday situations.
  • Assess language skills, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

How Is It Scored?

In the PTE Answer Short Question section, you earn one mark for each correct answer, and there’s no penalty for incorrect responses. The scores obtained in this section contribute to both the Speaking and Listening scores in the PTE Academic test.

Scoring Factor

  • 1 Score: Appropriate word choice in response
  • 0 Score: Inappropriate word choice in response

Always Remember

  • Keep your answers concise and don’t pause for too long. The recording begins as soon as you hear the question.
  • Despite the small number of questions (10-12) and their brief nature (1 or 2-word answers), there are no breaks in between. Stay fully focused until the last question is answered.
  • Trust your initial instinct; often, your first thought is the correct answer.
  • Occasionally, you might encounter an image or video as part of a question. In such cases, trust your intuition and go with your initial response.

Answer Short Question Practice Tips

On Exam Tips

  • Stay calm and confident as the questions are usually simple.
  • Avoid overthinking; simple answers are often correct.
  • Concentrate fully, as there are no breaks in the section.
  • Visualize the question’s content to aid recall and accurate answers.

Vocabulary & Preparation Tips

A strong vocabulary is crucial. Work on expanding your vocabulary, especially focusing on common words and terms related to various topics. Familiarize yourself with the Academic Word List, which contains essential vocabulary for academic and general topics. The instructions for this item type indicate that the answers should be brief and accurate. There is no need to provide long-winded responses. Marks are awarded for a short, correct answer, so focus on delivering the most concise response.


Practice as many questions as you can beforehand. 99% comes from the ones that are already given on the portal. Keep yourself informed about current events and news by watching TV news reports, reading respected newspapers, and following knowledge channels. Be mindful of the allotted time for each question. Practice answering questions quickly to get accustomed to the time constraint.


In summary, the PTE Answer Short Question section is a pivotal component for assessing a test-taker’s quick thinking and accuracy. To excel in this concise yet challenging segment, effective time management and strong language proficiency are key. Continuous practice and honing of language skills are essential to achieving good results in this section. We wish you success in your PTE journey, and we hope this guide proves valuable in your preparation. Good luck!

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