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Written By Peter's PTE
Written By Peter's PTE

The PTE Academic Listening section encompasses various tasks designed to evaluate your listening skills. One unique task in this section is the “Select Missing Word” task, which presents you with an audio recording where the last part is replaced by a beep sound. After listening to the audio, your challenge is to select the missing word that best completes the recording from a list of options. This task serves as a test of your listening ability, requiring you to predict the missing word based on the context. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the nuances of the “Select Missing Word” task and provide expert tips to help you excel.

Select Missing Word Format

In this task, you will listen to an audio recording where the last word or group of words is replaced by a beep. Your mission is to choose the most appropriate option from a list of response choices to complete the recording. Keep in mind that you have only one opportunity to listen to the audio.

How Is It Scored?

To improve your performance in the Select Missing Word part of the PTE Listening test, Keep Mind These Scoring Factor –


  • 1 Score: Correct response
  • 0 Score: Incorrect response

Always Remember

  • Some options might seem quite similar at first glance, but don’t be fooled! It’s crucial to thoroughly read through all the choices and keep an eye out for very specific information.

Select Missing Word Practice Tips

Comprehensive Listening

  • Focus on understanding the theme, context, and the last few words or the sentence before the beep from the beginning of the audio.
  • Treat the task as having two parts: understanding the speaker’s words and selecting the word that fits the incomplete sentence logically and contextually.

Pay Attention to Context

  • Consider the context and theme of the audio to choose a word that makes sense and completes the sentence logically.
  • Be extra attentive to capture the last few words as the progress bar indicates the audio’s end; these words are crucial for word selection.

Grammar and Vocabulary Proficiency

  • Your language skills in vocabulary, sentence usage, and grammar are essential for predicting the appropriate word that fits the context.
  • Evaluate response options systematically, considering if they complement the last words you heard, make sense in the context, and complete the sentence logically.

Time Management

  • Manage your time efficiently, avoid spending too long on a single question, and use any remaining time for review.


The “Select Missing Word” task in the PTE Academic Listening section is a unique evaluation of your listening skills. By following expert tips and developing a strategic approach, you can confidently select the missing word that best fits the context. This task not only contributes to your test score but also equips you with a valuable skill for real-world listening and comprehension. Best of luck in your PTE Academic journey!

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